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We’re located in a relaxing and quiet area, within a half hour drive you can visit the capital Oranjestad for shopping, dining, movies, bars etc..

Visit the  the island  for any kind of tourisme, things to do: http://www.arubatourism.com/thingstodo/index.html or exploring Aruba: http://www.arubatourism.com/exploring/index.html



Windforecast by Windfinder Boca Grandi: http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/boca_grandi

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Aruba Life And Culture

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Aruba, a Dutch island, is located in the Southern Caribbean, just a few miles off the coast of South America. The Island has only 75 square miles of land, but its 43 miles of coastline offer some of the best beaches and most luxurious hotels in the Caribbean. Aruba’s nearly perfect climate is moderated by Atlantic trade winds that keeps the temperature almost constant at just over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and contort the island’s signature Divi trees into their deep westward bows.


Incredibly, Aruba’s people are just as hospitable as the weather. In the early 1990s, tourism became the island’s mainstay, and Arubans never looked back. Hoteliers are anxious to please and many visitors return again and again. Like the Divi trees, they bend over backwards to please the guests that wash over the island year-round.


Located in the Atlantic timezone, Aruba’s time is one hour ahead of the United States East coast but the same during Summer’s Daylight Saving Time. Electricity and electric outlets are the same as in the U.S. so no adaptors are needed. The process of generating electricity also powers a modern water desalinization plant producing pure great tasting drinking water.


Dress codes at Island attractions, restaurants, hotels and casinos is “relaxed casual”, no need for formal clothes or dressing up. Bathing suits are the order of the day except in the downtown areas.



45 minutes drive to the high rise hotels and restaurants.

35 minutes drive to downtown main-street to do some shopping.

Aruba offers various locations for kitesurfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming: e.g. Boca Grandi; Roger Beach; Baby Beach; Eagle Beach, Arashi; Mangel Halto; Fishermanshut Boca Catalina

Various cinemas which are only 30-45 minutes away.